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About us

As of November 2022, World Radio Normandy Caen has been available in the region with call letters “WRNC”. We are an independant English-speaking local radio station based in Caen, which produces 4 hours of local content per day and also relays content from our partners at World Radio Paris (WRP) during the remaining 20 hours.

For more information on WRP click here.


If you would like to promote an event in the local area, or if you are interested in the idea of hosting a show with us on WRNC, please get in touch!

All our shows are hosted by volunteers and you may just become the newest member of our team!


Station Phone Number

+33 2 31 95 82 25

Claude Buot

Station Director

Philippe Gomont

Station Manager

Sebastien Pollock

Website Admin

Social media

We're also on social media, go and give us a follow or pop us a message and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have!

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